What Does It ACTUALLY Cost To Get New Plumbing Customers Calling In?

We occasionally get the feedback that out cost per call for plumbing in the $100-$300 range is ‘too much’. I get it, that’s not a low number but relative to other advertising sources it is a great value. At CallConley, we understand these concerns and aim to shed light on the cost of our calls relative to the true cost of other advertising sources. Let’s delve into a comparative analysis that reveals why our pay-per-call model stands out as a cost-effective solution for plumbing businesses.

Key Points:

  • There is no other advertising source that can guarantee a new inbound caller for plumbing service at our cost.
  • Inbound calls for service with someone on the other end waiting for you to answer, are far higher quality than web form leads.
  • Most advertising sources simply charge for placement with no actual guarantee.
  • Advertising agencies typically chalk poor performance up to ‘learning/optimization’ and fudge your true cost per call.
  • Most advertising sources simply charge for placement with no actual guarantee.

Comparative Cost Analysis:

Let’s compare our pay-per-call model with other popular advertising platforms:

  • Google Ads Pay-Per-Click: While initial costs may seem competitive, additional fees, optimization challenges, and spam calls often inflate the true cost per call to several hundred dollars or even thousands. When executed properly PPC can generate calls in the $100-500 range.
  • Direct Mail: Despite its effectiveness, when executed properly, direct mail campaigns can result in costs ranging from $400 to $700 per call.
  • Audio Branding: this is one of our favorite sources. Essentially it is radio advertising that tells the listeners to Google your business name when they need service. It’s a long term play and requires a large on going commitment. When executed properly after a few months of running ads you may see a cost per call in the hundreds, but after 12 months of running ads you may get calls down to very low.
  • Billboards: With high monthly costs and no traceable returns, billboards offer minimal value compared to our targeted pay-per-call approach.
  • Yelp and HomeAdvisor: These platforms often charge $20-50 for very low quality leads that are enticed by the offer of ‘free estimates’, and shared by multiple contractors. With tedious and frustrating follow up, a conversion rate of 10% is expected there. If you’re not prepared to chase leads, stay away from these.

Our pay-per-call model…

offers plumbers a cost-effective and efficient solution for acquiring high-quality inbound calls. By prioritizing transparency, exclusivity, and targeted marketing, CallConley ensures that every call translates into tangible business opportunities and measurable returns on investment.

1. Pay Only For Actual Calls: With nearly all other advertising sources there is no guarantee. It’s often a case of pay and pray. CallConley only charges for an actual call coming in to your business.

2. Quality Over Quantity: Unlike traditional lead generation methods where plumbers often spend time chasing down leads with uncertain outcomes, our model focuses on delivering high-quality inbound calls from genuine customers seeking immediate plumbing services. This distinction is crucial when evaluating the true cost per call.

3. Transparency in Reporting: One of the challenges plumbers face is inaccurate cost per inbound call calculations due to poor reporting from other advertising sources. At CallConley, we prioritize transparency and provide clear reporting metrics, ensuring plumbers have an accurate understanding of their ROI.

4. Separate Source of Calls: It’s important to recognize that our pay-per-call model offers a separate and dedicated source of inbound calls, distinct from other advertising channels. We’ve got customers coming to our website and calling for service that are not going through other channels.

At CallConley, we’re committed to helping plumbers thrive in today’s competitive market. Contact us today to discover how our pay-per-call service can revolutionize your plumbing business.

Remember, it’s not just about the cost per call – it’s about the value it brings to your bottom line.