Plumbing Lead Generators vs Call Conley

Let’s discuss the distinction between lead aggregators, those companies that sell a web form lead to 10 contractors in an area, and us here at Call Conley.

Lead aggregators distribute a web form lead to you and several, sometimes dozens of competitors in the area. These leads are often enticed with promises of ‘free estimates’ or ‘find lower quotes’, resulting in a frustrating process where you have to chase down the lead, persuade them to respond, and then compete with numerous other contractors. If you’ve worked with them before, you understand how frustrating they are.  Most of the time they don’t answer and then if you do finally get them on the phone, they have no idea who you are, why you’re calling and sometimes don’t even remember making the request.

With Call Conley, we directly connect someone who has called in right to your business. This means when you answer the phone, there’s a homeowner on the other end expecting your assistance. You don’t have to chase anyone down and by nature calls can only go exclusively to one company.  We prioritize homeowners with immediate service needs, not free estimate seekers, and our partners with trained customer service representatives report a dispatch rate of about 90%.

Naturally our high-quality inbound calls may come at higher cost than exploited aggregator leads but when you calculate the actual sales rate and consider the time slash frustration of chasing and following up on leads, the value becomes evident.