Is Google Guaranteed Worth It For Plumbers?

If you’ve done any competitive research by typing ‘plumbers near me’ into Google, you’ve certainly noticed the Google Guaranteed badges popping up in the searches.

These GUARANTEED check marks stand out and get clicks on the paid placement in Google.

Understanding the Google Guarantee Program

The Google Guarantee program is designed to instill confidence in customers seeking home services, including plumbing. When a business is Google Guaranteed, it means that Google has conducted background checks and verified the business’s credentials. This verification process aims to reassure customers about the quality and reliability of the services offered with a $2,000 insured guarantee.

The Cost Of Google Guaranteed

Google charges a flat monthly fee of $50-100 per market just to be verified. From there they charge a per lead price. A lead may be either a call that comes through their tracking number or a text based form lead (the kind you have to chase down).

The price per lead varies according to market demand. 4-5 years ago when the program was introduced, lead costs were very low in the range of $25-50 dollars. These days in 2024 plumbers report that nearly all markets are at $100+, with many being in the $400 range.

Although the cost per lead is not low it still is economical relative to other marketing sources, particularly as there is no waste and you pay for performance, and the lifetime value of a plumbing customer.

That said, in many markets our cost per call may be lower, our volumed and we bring a separate source of customers!