How To Convert Plumbing Calls To Booked Appointments In Less Than 2 Minutes


Plumbing calls should become booked appointments in less than 2 minutes. Surprisingly, the longer the CSR spends on the phone, the lower the chances of actually booking paid service become.

There’s a simple formula that we see our largest and most successful partners using, and that is to start by establishing the need right off the bat.

When answering the phone, say “Hello, this is Janet or whomever with the plumbing company. What plumbing issue can we handle for you?” This immediately signals that we’re here to solve a problem, helping to filter out time wasters looking for diy info or supplies.

Then confirm the service area. There’s no sense in finding out later that someone is out of the area. So the conversation will go like this: “Yes, we can handle that. What’s the address where you need service?”

Then assume the booking. Give the caller the next available time and say, “Does that work for you?” By proactively suggesting a time, we keep the momentum going and optimize scheduling.

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